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The celebration of the Byzantine rite enables us to be in touch with the heart of Orthodoxy. It is in this spirit of respect for the Eastern tradition that we carry out the painting of icons in our monastery.

Icons are not primarily works of art but are essentially images used in worship; their deepest meaning is situated within a living liturgy, either in a church or at home, in personal or family prayer. Icons are blessed by the Church and this makes them worthy of veneration.

Painting icons entails both material and spiritual preparation. It is a task carried out with faith and with prayer. It is meticulous work, requiring close attention, from the preparation of the boards for painting to the application of the final coat of varnish.

Icons are made to last; their colours do not deteriorate with time. They are with us all our life long, proclaiming that the Kingdom of God is amongst us and within us, shining forth with the radiance of that Divine Light which illumines the faces of the saints and the just.

Icon gallery

The following pages are not intended to be a catalogue, since every icon is unique. There are countless antique icons which can serve as models for contemporary ones.

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(You may download the icons in the gallery for your personal use, but if you use them in your own publications or on your website, kindly contact us.)